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Officially? I’m Kaitlyn Bouchillon, a Virtual Assistant and Book Launch Manager for 75+ titles, the author of Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between, a contributor for several books/publications/websites, and a storyteller who writes about discovering God's goodness in the ordinary and faithfulness in the difficult.

But unofficially, I’m a big fan of good words, deep conversations, snail mail and iced vanilla lattes. I’ve never been one to turn down chips and queso, love all things fall (cozy sweaters! colorful leaves! hot apple cider!), and am usually in the middle of five books (it’s fine, everything is fine).

Great, nice to meet you! But, um, what’s going on here?

Our inboxes have enough spam and sales-y promotions. For the past decade, I’ve written blog posts and newsletters to encourage, to bring a smile, or to share favorite things . . . all with this promise: I will never click send and fill your inbox just because the Marketing Wizards say it's been too long since I sent something your way. Nope. I'm entirely uninterested in adding to the noise — but sharing good things that will bring a bit of hope or joy? Yes please.

Every other week, I send out a short email called Thursday Things — a handful of good things I'm currently loving, reading, watching, listening to, thinking about or just discovered. In other words . . . what I'd likely text you about if I had your number or mention if we met up for coffee!

There’s also a paid portion called All The Things with even more of the good stuff, including:

  • surprise gifts in the mail + giveaways

  • digital prints and lock screens

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  • access to our private All The Things Instagram account

  • first-word news about writing/life updates

You can upgrade from free to paid at any time. Thank you for supporting my work!

A just-for-you good thing:

As a thank you for trusting me with your inbox (I truly do not take that lightly), all subscribers (free and paid) receive exclusive access to a set of 9 prints with quotes from Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between.

Future downloads will go to All The Things paid subscribers, but there's a Freebies page on my website with old printables, lock screens, bookmarks (etc.) available to everyone — if you want to poke around and download one or two!

Housekeeping things:

Thursday Things is always free, but All The Things is $6/month USD (or discounted at $5/month when you purchase a year at a time). Either way, you do need to subscribe below!

If you can’t find the Welcome email (with your 9 prints) after subscribing, check spam/junk or your Promotions tab. (You might consider marking the email address as ‘not spam.’) If you have technical issues, contact kaitlynbouchillon@substack.com. You can always log into the website (or the free Substack app) to read the archives of previous emails and posts.

I’m so glad you’re here. Really truly. Now — let’s get to the good things!

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